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About Eric & Suzy Thompson: These virtuoso roots musicians specialize in the down-home sounds of the American South. Their musical palette includes Appalachian story-songs and bluegrass breakdowns, classic country blues, Louisiana Cajun dance music, and paso dobles from Puerto Rico. Eric's flatpicking on guitar and mandolin is exceptional for its purity of tone, speed, and soulfulness; Suzy is a powerful singer, an award-winning fiddler and Cajun accordion player who has apprenticed with older generation Louisiana Cajun musicians under an NEA Fellowship. Founding members of many influential roots music groups including the Black Mountain Boys, Any Old Time, the Klezmorim, and the California Cajun Orchestra, Eric and Suzy have also worked with Jerry Garcia, Maria Muldaur, David Grisman, Peter Rowan, Darol Anger, Laurie Lewis, the Savoy Doucet Cajun Trio, and many other fine musicians.

Eric and Suzy are available for concerts (including family concerts and children's concerts), festivals, music camps, parties, weddings, and nearly any other occasion upon which acoustic music might be desired! Both Eric and Suzy give private lessons in Berkeley, California; for more info, please phone us at 510-848-5018.

We're pleased to announce that we have reissued our 1988 Arhoolie CD, Adam & Eve Had the Blues, with a spiffy new cover by Debbie Berne! Blues, Cajun and oldtime music by Eric & Suzy with many special guests including David Grisman, Laurie Lewis, Danny Poullard, Kevin Wimmer, Will Scarlett and George Winston! Complete liner notes can be found here: "Adam and Eve Had the Blues" Complete Liner Notes. Eventually we'll get this up on CDBaby but right now, the only way to get it is directly from us. If you're interested, send us an email!

Eric & Suzy's latest duo CD is "Dream Shadows", in which they continue their long-standing love affair with the pre-war music of the rural American South, at the intersection of country blues, string band music, and Cajun dance tunes! Complete liner notes (expanded from what is on the CD sleeve), more photos, links to other interesting places, etc. are here:"Dream Shadows" Complete Liner Notes

Laurie Lewis: "In the hands of these two master musicians, the songs pull us back into the past and, in doing so, bring us right square into the here and now! "

Alan Senauke: "For nearly 35 years Eric and Suzy Thompson have been joyfully mining and authentically sharing precious gems of all America's vernacular music. On Dream Shadows, it is clear that Eric and Suzy are themselves the treasure."

To order "Dream Shadows" directly from us (we'll be happy to autograph it if you like!), please email us

You can listen to clips from "Dream Shadows", buy downloads, and order online at the CDBaby website

Here's a little bit of Eric and Suzy's music (from previous CDs). Clips from their latest CD "Dream Shadows" can be heard at the CDBaby website. Lots more of Eric & Suzy's music can be found elsewhere on this site, so make yourself at home and have a look around!

Stop and Listen
Llevame Al Cielo
Three In One Twostep
When I Get Home

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Eric and Suzy Thompson

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